We use the 4 Phase Ideal Protein diet method, which is a "ketogenic" diet meaning FAT becomes the primary source of fuel for your body. Ideal Protein diet foods are pharmaceutical grade foods & supplements, including lifetime health coaching & resources. (Include attaches images of food).


When you diet you lose body fat, lean mass, & water. Most diets result in an excessive loss of lean mass. For example, when most dieters lose 20 lbs half of that loss (10 lbs) will be from lean mass! This results in lowering your metabolic rate & leads to weight gain and "Yo-Yo" dieting. The Ideal Protein diet preserves lean mass & maintains essential muscle mass, which results in consistent & long-term results.


The Ideal Protein diet method IS NOT a high protein diet! Ideal Protein (hence the name) provide an adequate level of protein but is very low carbohydrate & very low fat.