2017 Total Wellness #earnitchallenge


Total Rehab would like to invite anyone looking to shed 30 or more pounds to join in our #earnitchallenge group. This group will provide a fun and informative atmosphere for those who want to make a change in their life and REALLY lose weight!


To participate, enroll in our Total Wellness Medical Weight Loss program anytime during the month of January. Details of our program can be found below. With the help of our Total Wellness Program you will set weight loss goals and be tracked weekly throughout Phase I of our program. Anyone that loses at least 30 lbs will receive $10 per pound of weight lost when they complete Phase I (weight loss phase and length depends on individual weight loss goal).  The minimum weight loss is 30 lbs to qualify for the #earnitchallenge incentive but their is NO maximum. Those achieving their goal will receive at least $300 but could earn much more if they lose more!


Contact us today to learn more about our Total Wellness Program or register for our FREE educational seminar.

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