Table of Contents

Section I. Before your run 

  a.Training planning

  b.Resistance training




Section II. During your run 

  e.Running technique

  f. Nutrition


Section III. After you run 

  g.Recovery methods

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Practical Tips For Before, During and After Your Run.

Running should be enjoyable. If that has not been your experience then you need this Guide! Why people run varies from fitness and lifestyle goals (including weight loss) to improving athletic performance or running competitively. The purpose of Total Rehab’s Guide to Running is to provide practical recommendations to anyone interested in running that will help them avoid injury, improve performance, and enjoy running for a very long time. 

This Guide is structured as follows: Section I: Before your run outlines how to develop an appropriate and effective training plan, provides resistance exercises for running-specific strengthening, discusses issues of footwear, and finishes with specific recommendations of pre-run warm-up exercises. Section II: During your run provides detailed guidance on running technique, including body alignment, foot strike, and running cadence or tempo. This section finishes with a brief discussion of hydration and nutrition issues during your run. Finally, Section III: After your run discusses recovery methods including modalities, stretching, nutrition, and taping methods. 

If you apply the principles we outline in this Guide to your running plan, we are confident that your experience with running will be safer, more productive, and more enjoyable.


Happy Running! 


-Dr. Nathan J. Savage 

-Dr. Kevin L. Blanchard