CALMARE® for Low Back Pain – Does It Work?

A recently published study entitled “Decreased Low Back Pain Intensity and Differential Gene Expression Following CALMARE®: Results From a Double-Blinded Randomized Sham-Controlled Study” addresses this question (Res Nurs Health, 2015, Vol 38, pp 29-38). Before I summarize the results of this study, let me introduce CALMARE® Pain Therapy and how it is used to treat folks with chronic pain, including low back pain.

CALMARE® Pain Therapy is a non-invasive, painless, and drug free approach to treating chronic neuropathic pain. Chronic neuropathic pain can be present in any painful condition that has lasted more than 3 months and that has not responded to medications, injections, chiropractic care, physical therapy, or surgery. CALMARE® Pain Therapy is delivered using surface electrodes placed on the skin. Unlike most treatment approaches for chronic pain, CALMARE® does not seek to block pain signals but rather seeks to replace pain signals with a non-pain message. Essentially, CALMARE® becomes an artificial nerve sending non-pain information to your brain that your brain recognizes as “self”, meaning your brain believes the information is coming from you. This is a very unique and effective treatment approach for chronic pain.


The above study used a “double-blinded, randomized, sham-controlled” design, which means there was no placebo effect. The results were impressive: Patient receiving up to 10 CALMARE® Pain Therapy treatments experienced significant reductions in their “worst” back pain (rated on a 0-10 scale) and significant reductions in their “pain interference”, which measures how their pain impacts their life and activity level. These benefits continued to improve after treatment was stopped. Ongoing pain relief after treatment has stopped is unique to CALMARE® Pain Therapy, particularly when compared to other medications, TENS unit, or injections. The control group did not experience any improvements in their pain.


Based on a detailed medical history, including medication use, and a comprehensive orthopaedic and neurologic examination, we can determine if CALMARE is an appropriate treatment for your painful conditions. This takes about 1 hour and is covered by your insurance in most cases.


Contact our friendly and professional staff to schedule an appointment today! Our Doctors’ of Physical Therapy are highly trained in the treatment of chronic pain and provide individual, specialized care.

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